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Parents in Need
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Parent's in Crisis
Despite the pictures on this site, we are not affiliated with any religious organization

Welcome to Parents in need!
Our organization is here to promote growth, love and kindness. We want our parents to feel proud of their strives towards a better family. We want to share our struggles and our successes. That way we have a good idea on what works and what doesn't. We are here to support each other through the hard times and to support growth in our weaknesses. As humans no one is perfect.  We need to recognize this and  know that we truly do want to bring our children up the best way possible.

There is not much support out there today to provide the listening ear or support that many parents need. Parents face many pressures and worries. We are here to provide support and encourage one another.

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We want to call out to all stressed out parents! United, we take our children's hands in peace and love. Providing guidance that promotes the well-being of our children!

We are stressed out parents, that offer support, advice, jokes or a place to vent. We do not condone violence on children. We are not therapists. Please feel free to post on our boards or chat in our chat-room

Please get in touch to offer comments or suggestions

Don't let a parent or child suffer! Reach out!

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